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One of the most inconvenient things about scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist in Miami is how far in advance you actually have to schedule it. When I call and try to get an appointment, I won't be given one until at least two and a half months down the road. I personally go to Dr. Boews Dermatology, who I like, but it's really difficult to get in with her (and the staff is rude). Annoying.
Miami Dermatologist

So, what if I were to tell you that you could get some of the derm office perks right at home? You'd be all-in, right? 

The Newa Skin Tightening Device is a handheld tool that uses radio frequency to to stimulate collagen production and give you a more youthful appearance. It basically pulses energy into your skin to plump fine lines, and gives you a glow in about five-six weeks. It's the only product like this on the market, that's also FDA approved.  It decreases wrinkles and tightens problem areas like jowls, chin and forehead. You feel a slight warming sensation and if you're fair, like me, you will have light redness that fades. 




Side of nose

  • At-home convenience; 
  • FDA cleared; 
  • Easily available online (Amazon, Neiman Marcus); 
  • Effective; 
  • Not wireless! You have to be tethered to a wall outlet;
  • Expensive($450), but not when compared to the cost of radio frequency procedures at the dermatologist; 
  • Gel required.Some reviews say their customer service is lacking and the gel is on back order so it takes a while to arrive. I've read reviews where customers utilize whatever gel is available and do not notice a problem doing that); 
  • Time consuming (you have to put in the time in order to see results, must be used nightly and consecutively). 

I'm not a doctor, (only a lawyer ;), so please understand that this is not a review based on science or other other medical principals. Please consult with a doctor prior to commencing use of this product. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or trying to conceive. NEWA was sent to me, free of charge, by PR.

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