Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dôa Restaurant, Miami

Doa Miami
Pork Ribs at Dôa Restaurant, Miami.
Dôa, pronounced (dow-ah), a Miami beach, late-night eatery recently opened its doors.  The owner, Arjun Waney, already owns the highly popular Miami restaurant  Zuma, inside the Epic Hotel.   Located on Collins and 20th Ave, the restaurant features a large, zen space, with dim lighting, cool colors and an open-air kitchen. The culinary theme falls somewhere between Japanese with a heavy Latin American influence. The chefs term it 'LatAsian.'

Nestled in the heart of Miami Beach, you'd expect high-priced fare with small, dainty portions., right? Wrong. We went hungry, and left happy, happy, happy.  Here's why:
The menu is a pretty good size with great variety and a nice wine list.  It offers smaller plates/appetizers and larger entrees.  To start we had the Chili Garlic Edamame ($5), Pork Buns ($7), and Shrimp Siu Mai ($11).  The edamame were coated in a sweet and savory sauce, not spicy, with just the right amount of salt.  The pork buns featured a large chunk of pork belly, cooked perfectly, (crispy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside.) The buns were light with a traditional bit of stickiness.  The Shrimp Siu Mai was the favorite starter of the evening; a definite must-try served in a traditional steamer.  Sadly, only five come to an order, the wonderful, lemony flavor left us wanting more.  Maybe Dôa,would consider serving six, instead, because we immediately wanted a second batch!

Edamame with garlic sauce
Chili Garlic Edamame.
Doa Miami Beach
Pork Buns at Dôa Restaurant, Miami.
Dim Sum in Miami
Shrimp Siu Mai at Dôa Restaurant, Miami.
The entrees are hearty by South Beach standards; they even have a rib eye steak on the menu! Dôa offers an eclectic mix of sides ranging from kimche to crispy yuca, each one beautifully done.   We opted for the Robata Asparagus ($9) and the Robata Shitake Mushrooms ($7). The asparagus were awesome. They were grilled and drizzled with a citrusy ponzu mayo sauce and topped with Bonito flakes.  They were a great pairing to our main courses: the Pork Ribs ($21) and the Lamb Chops ($34).  The Shitake mushrooms were also absolutely delicious, tender, with a light buttery sauce and great texture. 

The Pork Ribs were fall-off-the-bone good.  They came piled high, about eight to a serving, coated in a sweet and savory Chifa glaze.  If you order the Lamb Chops, you will be happy. They are served with a side of kimche and ginger (which was so good, in and of itself, that we asked for another portion).  You get four large chops per order. They were not too fatty and seared just right. 

DOA miami
Robata Asparagus
Lamp Chops entree, Dôa.

Shitake Mushrooms in a butter sauce
Shitake Mushrooms at Dôa
Robata Asparagus topped with Bonito flakes.
After having a great meal, washing it down with red and rosé, the Churros ($8), (filled with Dulce De Leche), finished us off.  It's also worth mentioning that our waiter was very friendly, made great recommendations and was not too pushy.  Top notch service from a great place. 

Dôa Miami Beach: 2000 Collins Ave (Uber is highly encouraged).
Phone: 305.587.2000
Hours: Open seven days a week, Monday - Friday 5:00 PM - 5:00 AM with a weekend brunch, Saturday and Sunday, from Noon - 5:00 AM.
Reservations: accepted via OpenTable
Churros in Miami
Chicken Wings at Doa.


Dôa side dishes
Shitake Mushrooms side at Dôa.
View of one dining area.
Our meal at DOA was complimentary. Despite that, this review is still honest.
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