Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Miami Swim Week 2015: Maaji, Gottex, Indah and more

This is the last of my Swim Week recap.  Starting off with Maaji's Rhapsody Road runway show - a big hit! No surprise there!  It's generally one of the most anticipated shows of Swim week, right up there with Wildfox and Mara Hoffman.  The theme was sort of a "Destination Unknown" meets a Fashionable Camper.  The thing I really like about the Maaji line is the level of attention paid to detail.
Maaji Swim 2015
Maaji Runway Show 2015

Maaji Runway Show Miami 2015

The show began with low, dramatic lighting, showcasing some of the new activewear.   Soon thereafter, it kicked into high gear as both guys and girls strutted down the runway, in pairs, and trios, having fun and dancing the entire time.

The look: loose, messy, no-fuss hair.  Pretty little dream catchers and feathers attached to the swimsuits, suits that lace up the back and side, cute baseball caps, and accessories like backpacks, and tennis rackets decorated canteens and guitars.

Maaji Swim 2015

Maaji Miami runway show model

maaji swim collection
Details at Maaji
Maaji runway show in Miami for Miami Swim Week 2015

Maaji Swim show in miami for swim week
Maaji's Fashionable Camper
maaji's swim wear line
Love the water cooler!

Next up:

The Miami Beach Edition Hotel, one of the newest and most unique looking hotels on South Beach, hosted the Gottex Swim 2016 show.
Everything (except that supremely annoying, blaring, red "Exit" sign in all my photos, behind the models) was perfection.  The swimwear was on point - bright and vibrant, with unique cuts and patterns.  The cover ups were some of the best I saw this year. They were so flowy and beautiful, they evoked a regal quality.  

I thought this seasons' collection showed a shift from past years, in a good way: more florals, and more innovative swimsuit shapes.
 Presentations are fun, and more intimate, but you cannot really see the way the fabric and the clothing moves the way you can with a runway show.  I'm partial to shows :) 


The Indah show was more, all-inclusive, and definitely the biggest production of Swim Week in terms of size.  The runway was set in the W Hotel pool, with hundreds of onlookers leaning over in their seats, eager to catch glimpses of the girls.  Large flat screens projected the looks, which were seductive and racy.  The reflective nature of the water made for pretty cool pictures.

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