Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beauty File: Clarins Spa Facials

 Clarins is running a special this month where you can get a 50 minute spa facial for $50 (Regular pricing on this is $75).
Clarins facials use ClarinsPRO products; scientfically advanced, professional use formulas that deliver anti-aging results.  You cannot purchase ClarinsPRO Products, but some of the other products used are available online and in-store.  Some of my favorite products used on me for this facial are below.  You should know that all of the facials incorporate the Clarins Double Serum.

It's no secret that I'm a big Clarins loyalist. I really enjoy their products and firmly believe the science behind the brand helps create products that help benefit my skin both shorterm and longterm .
This week, I had a Clarins Spa Facial.  What's that you ask?  You may not be aware, but chances are that at your nearest Clarins makeup counter, you can get a Clarins Spa Facial.
I was lucky this week, because after being slammed at work, I took a moment to myself and experienced one of these - it was amazing.amazing.

Here's how it works:

You book your appointment at your local Clarins Spa, mine is located inside of Nordstrom, at the Village of Merrick Park (many Bloomingdales stores also offer this service).  I recommend you make your appointment with Lourdes, she is really great.  If you would like to make your appointment at Merrick park, the phone number to book your facial is: 786-999-1313 (extension 1055).

If you would like to call the Nordstrom Beauty Concierge to determine if your local Nordstrom has this service, you can call 800.7.Beauty (24 hours a day). 

The Experience: 
When you arrive, you are taken to a very quiet, very zen spa room behind the hustle and bustle of the makeup counters.  The room is pretty quiet / soundproof.  Whatever background noise you initially hear is drowned out by the soft music that begins to play when the experience begins.  There is a comfortable bed, with plush linens (super soft).  You change into your robe, get comfy; the lights are dimmed.

The Clarins specialist assess your skin while asking you about any concerns you may have.  The facial is then tailored specifically to meet your own needs. The products used throughout are unique from person to person.  I would say this was more like an experience than a facial.
There was an upper body and chest massage, where hydrating oils were used to massage my face, shoulders, arms and hands.  Certain massage techniques were used to release toxins (lymph draining massage techniques, as well as cupping massages).
There was a really soothing and effective scrub and peel which helped leave my skin so smooth for days after.
This was the best experience.  I'll go back every two weeks for as long as I can.

Special Pricing: 
Clarins is running a special this month where you can get a 50 minute spa facial for $50 (Regular pricing on this is $75).

Regular pricing:

  • $40: Le Petit Facial: A 25 minute Spa Facial delivering luxurious pampering with visible results.
  • $75: Brightening Performer, Skin Healer, Detox Shine Stopper, Moisture Replenisher, Luminosity Restorer and Radiance Reviver.  These are each 50 minutes long.  For $95, you get 80 minutes.
  • $85: Super Restorative Facial: After just one treatment skin's denisty and radiance are visibly restored.  Deep wrinkles are noticeably diminished.  A complimentary dark spot correcting hand treatment is included.  50 minutes for $85 or 80 minutes for $105. 
  • $225.for a package of 4, 50 minute facials (individual stores may vary on this option).
  • $275 for a package of 4, 80 minute facials (individual stores may vary on this option).

Other participating stores are listed down below

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