Thursday, August 14, 2014

Miami Spa Month: Loews Hotel, Miami Beach

I had the beeeest day at the Loews Hotel, South Beach last week.  I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to receive an entire day of pampering at this Miami hot spot.
Exhale Spa is a recent arrival to the Loews and we received total gold star treatment services from the spa. I can't tell you which high point of the day was my favorite, because there were so many.

It's an awesome place to experience, and if you're a Miami local, like I am, it transforms the city for you; definitely feels like you're on a vacation.
loews miami soak cabanas
Soak Cabanas

We began our day out front, by the pool which has the Soak Cabanas available for rent.  We had three of these for the entire day, including their corresponding rooftop decks.  The cabanas all have air conditioning, a fridge, full bathroom with shower, closet, TV, and more. They're shaded away from the sun and they're more like little apartments than actual cabanas.  They come with full waiter service, a big couch inside to lounge on and a small outdoor patio area with seating.  They surround the pool and are located steps away from the ocean.  Click here for Soak Cabana information and rentals or you can e-mail for a reservation here.

Soak Cabana Interior
We had lunch and dinner (and desserts) courtesy of the hotel, the Lure Restaurant and the amazing pastry chef who crafted mini desserts with our blog logos on them.  These were super delicious and a really cute touch.

Custom Blog desserts :)
Lunch: Couscous and roasted tomatoe, plantain and short rib lollipop, shrimp skewers,
beef and lobster empanadas,crab and watermelon salad. 
We then continued the morning with a Core Fusion Barre class.  For me, this felt like 60 minutes worth of a cardio, yoga, pilates, barre all mixed into one, hence the 'fusion' aspect of this workout.  Afterward, I basically felt like I had climbed a mountain  I feel like it was everything.  It's intense, even for the girls who work out regularly, who took the class with me...everyone felt this the next day.  Super effective. A single class is $25.
Reserve a single or package set of classes here.

Where are my workout clothes :( 
Dinner was served courtesy of Lure Fishbar.  Don't let the name fool you, these are some fancy dinner digs. The sushi is incredible.  Try the toro, deviled eggs, and the crispy rice cakes!! Full dinner menu here.  They're also part of Miami Spice, which runs through September.

I also had my first massage...ever, from the newly opened Exhale Spa.  The experience was amazing! The spa massage rooms are very dark (my favorite because I'm nocturnal).  I had a deep tissue massage by Andrea Luzon.  She's been doing it for 20 years! The best. She used heated neck and eye pillows filled with chai seeds during the massage which made everything so much better, as the scent drifted throughout the room.  I took a neck pillow home with me because I couldn't get the smell out of my head and wanted to replicate a little peace of magic at my place.  When I was finished, I stepped into the Zen Lounge, also dimly lit, and just enjoyed the silence, sipping on different types of detox teas.
Spa Pricing can be found here.
Partial view of the Spa massage room
After the deep tissue, I enjoyed a head massage and acupuncture, to relieve more tension, headaches, and stress. I get migraines and tension headaches frequently, so I am always on the lookout for anything that can relieve them.  Dr. Holly Nobil administered the treatment and explained that acupuncture can aid with chronic headaches, because it helps stimulate the blood which has otherwise been accumulating and stagnant. These treatments are also offered at Exhale Spa at the Loews and are only done by individuals who have a Masters of Science in Acupuncture and are trained.  This was also a pretty cool experience that helped knock me out. I fell asleep at 8:30 that night and slept like a log.

If you look closely, you can see a needle sticking out of me head :)
Thanks to the Loews, Exhale Spa & Linda for an incredible day! Check out Exhale Spa at the Loews, especially through the month of August, in order to take advantage of Miami Spa Month deals!

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