Monday, February 25, 2013

Protect Your Pumps Giveaway

Without getting into too many details about what I do; I'm an attorney who is on her feet 80% of the day, in high heels.
What has this taught me?

1. I need better insoles - I'm taking suggestions.
2. I go through a pair of "work" shoes every 3-4 months.

For work I usually wear Mossimo brand from Target (the Pearce pump) or a Nine West pump.
I've tried more expensive shoes before, from Talbot's, but what's the point? I tear through those suckers in no time.

I will not wear expensive shoes for work.

However, I will wear inexpensive shoes for work that will now last me a lot longer thanks to Protect your Pumps.

Of course, a smart and ambitious lawyer came up with the concept for these little guys, that stick to the bottom of the soles of your shoes and help slow down the regular wear and tear of every day use.

Check out the before and after photos on their site. 

For those of you that are interested in using these on your high end shoes, like Christian Louboutin, you will be happy to know that Protect your Pumps indicates on their site that they're Louboutin friendly. 

One pair is $10, three pairs are $20.  Protect Your Pumps can last you about 6-10 wears before needing to be changed.

Do you guys think these are a good idea? 
Give them a try, pain free - win the giveaway.
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