Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide II

I have been wanting to do holiday gift guides dedicated to just one theme.  I started one for red holiday dresses (inspired by the Asos Oasis Red Skater dress, in this gorgeous cherry red) then I started one for glittery holiday accessories...but because I have red bouncy ball syndrome (as my boyfriend calls it) I was so easily distracted by all things that I could not stay within collage theme.
The result is this mish-mash of items for Holiday Gift Guide II; not within theme but still packed with great gift ideas. (Check out my first guide guide here).

The first item on the list is this (1)Joie Adelia Striped Cardigan - something about comfy stripes gets me every time.  Wouldn't it be so cute paired with this cross body (3)Danielle Nicole Julia Flap bag? It comes in two colors, and my favorite is the lavender.  My pick for the handbag that looks the most luxe but chimes in under $120 is the (11)Danielle Nicole Alexa Tote.  Love this thing.

I've been wondering about this (10) L'Occitane Almond Skin Oil.  Some would say it's a silly purchase (it's not cheap), but the reviews on Sephora are really great for it and one of my favorite scents for beauty products is almond.  Do any of you have this? What do you think?

So, I'm not sure if I'm late to the party on this one but Nordstrom is now selling MAC products online? Has this always happened? I love pigments so naturally,(7) this Crushed Metallic Pigment set made my cut. 

Happy Shopping:
1. Joie Adelia Striped Cardigan
2. Michael Kors Oversized Runway watch in Rose Gold (as seen in this post)
3. Danielle Nicole Julia Flap Bag 
4. Mossimo Women's Colored Ponte Pant in Bloodstone (I own these and I love them - size down, they stretch with wear).
5. Peace Love Threads Rock Candy Ring
6. Peace Love Threads Agate & Turquoise Ring
7. MAC Crushed Metallic Pigment Set

8. Club Monaco Wide Gold Cuff
9. Miriam Merenfeld Heart Tag Necklace
10. L'Occitane Almond Skin Oil
11. Danielle Nicole Alexa Tote
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