Thursday, May 24, 2012

Current Wants: Rich & Skinny Houndstooth Shorts + Conversation Pieces + Susana Monaco Tube Top

So many colorful and vibrant summer pieces that I'm currently wanting!
Check them out. 

1. Rich & Skinny Metallic Houndstooth Denim shorts $134 - these caught my eye ever since I saw them at the Neiman Marcus Miami blogger event a while back. They're really expensive for shorts, but so, so cute.

2. Modcloth My Lucky Stars Heels $34 - These Miu Miu inspired star heels are really bold...but can you resist the tiny metallic stars? 

3. Conversation Pieces Martini Cocktail Party Shirt $38, as seen on my galpal Melificent. Need I say more? 

7. Susana Monaco Tube Top $75, in lemon lime.  I have so many of these. Yes, I still wear tube tops. The SM one's last forEVER, and they give you a great silouhette

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