Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Nordstrom Semi Annual Sale for 2016 starts NOW. Today. May 25, 2016. Let's do this! Ha,ha! Also, Shopbop and Barney's are having major sales, too. Everything below is on sale, even makeup and skincare products. Nordstrom also prices matches, so scour for sales and then use your NN (Nordstrom Notes). 

Monday, May 23, 2016

A Classic Work Look With A Pencil Skirt

I love pairing black and gray together to get a classic work look. It's always professional but more interesting than a simple monochromatic style.  I think one reason that dressing for the office can get monotonous is because we all tend to fall into work "ruts" where our 9 to 5 cycle seems endless.  I have a very demanding job, and believe me, it's very easy to just wear slacks and a button down all week long, but sometimes you want to feel a bit more confident and stand out - not just for what you're saying and accomplishing but also for your great outfit.

A pencil skirt with a sleek silhouette is a workwear staple that every woman needs in her style arsenal.  The one I'm wearing is by Olga Pastrynak. It has impeccable tailoring, is made from high-quality fabric, moves with ease and has an appropriate length.  It's also lined, which is very important for avoiding ugly lines in harsh office lighting

Whenever I wear a high neck top, I always pick my hair up. I like the contrast of a messy ponytail with a polished outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know in the comments section below. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Aerin Pefume Mediterranean Honeysuckle

Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle Fragrance

Quick post to share the new Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle fragrance and set.  I've raved about the Aerin line of fragrances in the past.  I absolutely love Ikat Jasmin and Amber Musk. I love the bottles, with their crisp lines and jeweled toppers. They look beautiful displayed anywhere. 

The newest fragrance is Mediterranean Honeysuckle. It's more spicy than sweet, containing honeysuckle and citrusy notes. It has mandarin orange, gardenia, and lily of the valley. It's a great daytime scent. In my experience, these perfumes are never overpowering.

As with many popular fragrances, this scent has the perfect pairings in its body wash, body cream and bar soap.

It comes in two sizes, 1.7 oz ($110) and a very large 3.4 oz ($155). It's available on the Nordstrom website (so that you can use your Nordstrom Notes), directly from Aerin and on other online retailers like The OutNet

Aerin perfumes

Friday, May 20, 2016

Miami Children's Health Foundation & Nicklaus Children's Hospital ‪#‎2gether4thechildren‬

I'm interrupting my regular fashion posts for a good cause. Please read below. 
This is a link to a video that tells Vanessa and Luna's story. The story of a little baby born with a Chiari Network so large that it enveloped her entire heart. The story of a mother, who was told that her daughter, that she had just delivered, only had mere days left to live, and was advised to "say her goodbyes." This is a video that tells the story of how the doctors at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, part of Miami Children's Health Foundation, had the knowledge, skills, foresight and dedication to perform a risky operation on this child, and gave her the chance at life. Please click here and help us keep MCHF. 
Today I show my support for Miami Children’s Health Foundation and Nicklaus Children’s Hospital by updating my Facebook profile photo with the ‪#‎2gether4thechildren‬ heart filter. Please join me by updating your profile photo.  Help spread awareness of all the incredible work they do each day. You can update your profile simply by clicking here:
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